Centerpoint- SM, TX

Good afternoon everyone,

I decided to try Centerpoint Station Dinner and Bakery this week. Centerpoint is located on Old Bastrop Highway on exit 200. This restaurant is extremely interesting because it’s a combination between a restaurant, boutique, and it use to be a gas station.

Centerpoint station was opened in 1871 by Garland Warren and his daughter Cheryl Warren Cuppetilli. They explained on Centerpoint website that they opened a gas station and they realized that this area was in need of a restaurant. They introduced their own homemade buttered bun and burger recipe. Shortly after, Cheryl introduced the boutique side of counterpoint that drew crowds in the area to check out fun and style that Centerpoint added to San Marcos. To learn more about counterpoint check out their website for history and interesting facts.

Centerpoint has an amazing breakfast selection of french toast, chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, and more. However, I went during lunch time and tried the 1/2 lb bacon cheeseburger with fries and fried pickles as my appetizer. It seems a little basic, but counterpoint uses hawaiian bread and their homemade burger recipe for burgers. I’m a huge bacon fan, so it seemed perfect to add that on top of my burger.I f you are a Texas State student and show them your bobcat ID, they will let you have a free appetizer which is amazing for college students who are on a budget. I enjoyed the fun atmosphere and food I tried. Overall I decided to rate Centerpoint a 10/10. I think it’s perfect for families and college students. The price is a little pricy for a restaurant like this, but overall I was very satisfied.

Bacon cheeseburger on Hawaiian bread with fries. I included two of my fried pickles I got for my free appetizer.


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