Santis Tacos- SM, TX

Hi everyone,

Here in San Marcos, Texas we have a place called the square where people can go to bars, shop, or just walk around. I was shopping with my friends one day and I stumbled upon a food truck called Santis Tacos. My friends explained that this was the spot to go when you want some good authentic Mexican tacos.

Santis Tacos is located on 128 S Guadalupe St. by the bar called rooftop on the square. This food truck is painted red, white, and green just like Mexico’s flag.

I decided to order 3 small mini tacos and a bottled coca cola. I always feel that coke always tastes better in a bottle for some reason. The first picture on the left is what I chose to order and the the third picture on the right is what my friend chose to get.  My mini tacos had Bistec meat, cilantro, lime, and red salsa. Usually people can choose wether to put avocado and onions on it, however I chose to opt out out of it.

I decided to rate Santis Tacos a 10 out of 10 because of the overall food quality. I’m from the El Paso area and these tacos reminded me of home. The salsa and lime complimented the bistec meat perfectly. I would definitely recommend this food truck to anyone.

My Choice of Bistec Mini Tacos.

Santis Tacos in San Marcos, Texas.

My friends choice in tacos. She ordered bitec tacos with onion and avocado.

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