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For this blog post, I decided to try something new and search different blogs who also critique restaurants. I really enjoyed the blog called, “Food for thought”  because this person critiques restaurants all over the globe which is amazing. This blog also includes cooking recipes and how to recreate them. Critiquing restaurants all over the globe is something that I would love to start doing once I graduate college. This blog mainly has posts from over seas in Europe. However, I could not find the owners name of this blog or where they are from. I only assume that he or she is from that side of the world.

Food for Thought homepage.

Food for thought has included food from London, France, and even Bali. I thought it was pretty fascinating to read upon the different types of food I’ve never even heard of before. I enjoyed reading their latest post called the Potter lobster that is located in Northumberland, Bamburgh in London. This blogger gave their mood for the day and what made them stumble upon this restaurant. They included many pictures of their food that gave the reader and insight on how their experience was. He/She tried the carrot soup and bread while their friend or partner tried the potted lobster.

Potter Lobster post that I enjoyed reading.


This blogger included ratings on their posts just like I do. It was pretty cool to see someone from the other side of the world use something that I would include on my blog on theirs. Overall, this blog was very interesting to read. The format and coloring was very simple. I loved how this blogger really focused on his/her content instead of design. Sometimes, simplicity is key in terms of creating a blog.


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